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Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean stud poker is a variation of regular five-card stud poker played on a standard blackjack-sized table. It is unique in that it is the first casino table game to offer a progressive jackpot.

As its name implies, this poker game originated in the Caribbean islands, and it soon spread to casinos in America and Europe.


This card game is played with one standard deck of cards. The game is initiated when the player places a wager called the ante. Next, the dealer will deal five cards face down to each player. The dealer's own five-card hand is dealt, four cards face down and the final card face up. Now it is the player's choice to either stay in the game or fold. If the player chooses to fold, the ante is forfeited. If the player decides to stay, the amount of the original ante must be doubled. The dealer's cards are then revealed. If the dealer does not have at least an ace/king combination, the player automatically wins even money on the ante and the wager is returned.


Players are also given the option of playing for the progressive jackpot. To be considered for the progressive, players must make an additional side bet of one dollar at the onset of the game. The player is wagering that they will receive a hand of cards that equates to a flush or better. Regardless of the outcome of the regular table game, if the player has a hand that qualifies for the progressive jackpot, that player will win the amount designated in the payout table. Players are usually rewarded with 100% of the pot for a royal flush, 10% of the pot for a straight flush, and a set monetary amount for a four of a kind, full house, or a flush. These amounts will vary from casino to casino.


Basic Strategy dictates that you should at least do the following:

bet when you hold a pair or better
bet when you hold an ace/king if your hand contains the same card as the dealer's upcard.

Playing the Hand


1. Examine your five cards. Share no information about your hand with your neighbours.

2. Decide whether to fold or call the dealer.

3. Place a bet equal in size to double the ante if you wish to continue playing.

4. Forfeit your ante if you wish to fold.

5. Place your cards facedown on the table.

6. Watch the dealer collect the antes of those who have folded and expose his other four cards.

7. Note if the dealer qualifies by having an ace-king or higher.

8. Note if your hand qualifies for the progressive jackpot - provided that you placed money in the drop slot at the beginning of play. Make the dealer turn over your hand if you made this bet, regardless of whether or not he qualifies.

9. Collect your winnings.

10. Place a mandatory bet in the Ante box if you wish to play again.

11. Place an optional bet in the Progressive Jackpot drop slot if you wish to play again.


If the dealer does not qualify, the hand is over. Antes are paid even money and the call bet is returned.

If the dealer qualifies with a better hand than the player, the player loses all bets. If the player holds a better hand than the dealer, he is paid even money on the ante and the following on his call bet: 1-to-1 on ace-king or one pair, 2-to-1 on two pair, 3-to-1 on three of a kind, 4-to-1 on a straight, 5-to-1 on a flush, 7-to-1 on a full house, 20-to-1 on four of a kind, 50-to-1 on a straight flush and 100-to-1 on a royal flush.

If the player and the dealer hold the same hand, the hand holding the highest card wins.

Progressive jackpots are paid the following: A royal flush pays 100 percent of the jackpot, a straight flush pays 10 percent of the jackpot, four of a kind pays $100, a full house pays $75 and a flush pays $50.


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