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The Citadel Commerce Corp. group of companies has emerged from years of offering consulting services and real-time transaction auditing products to the highly regulated government lottery and pari mutuel gaming industries. ESI Inc., the parent company of Citadel Commerce Corp., has provided product-based solutions to more than 17 government lotteries, every horse racing hub in Canada, and over 65% of the US-regulated pari mutuel horse industry.

Providing solutions to the regulated gaming industry requires that ESI continually undergo extensive licensing and background verification including the company, its directors and officers, and its shareholders. ESI and Citadel Commerce are profitable and well-capitalized, with two Canadian chartered banks as shareholders.

Multiple Payment Processing Solutions

The initial Citadel Commerce product was an e-commerce fraud detection and risk management system targeted at the Internet gaming industry. The productís underlying technology evolved and was used to transform Citadel Commerce into a complete turnkey payment processor.

Today, Citadel Commerce provides a fully integrated end-to-end electronic solution for Internet merchants who are seeking to establish a web presence primarily in the business-to-consumer (B2C) market. Our solutions include secure online electronic check processing with added fraud detection services, reporting, reconciliation tools, and 24/7 help desk support. Sophisticated authentication, fraud detection, and risk management expertise help protect merchants from unnecessary returns and fraud.

Citadel Commerce offers several payment processing products, including:

  • Citadel Checks, a merchant direct electronic check payment solution

  • Citadel Payouts, provides merchants with a fast, simple and cost-effective method to electronically push payouts to U.S., Canadian and international customers.

  • myCitadel Wallet, a stored value payment solution that supports multiple deposit/withdrawal methods and features SecureSwipe, a portable ATM device

Citadel Commerce solutions ensure consumer and merchant identification, including the knowledge that a specific transaction originated from a specific merchant and that no one has tampered with the contents of the transaction. 

Citadel Commerce uses secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption to ensure that data transferred between the merchant and Citadel Commerce has not been compromised. To protect our consumer and merchant investment in technology, Citadel Commerce maintains two redundant data centers: one located in Vancouver, Canada and the other in London, England.

Trusted Payment Provider

Citadel Commerce has processed over five million transactions totaling in excess of a billion dollars. A successful record of managing high volume transactions, along with a growth rate of 10% per month, makes Citadel Commerce a leader in the e-commerce payment industry.

Citadel Commerce offers a complete payment solution at a competitive price. Renowned fraud detection capabilities, a large existing user base, and industry recognition make Citadel Commerce an attractive payment solution for any Internet gaming merchant.

How to purchase casino credits using Citadel Electronic Internet Check:

Existing Citadel users: log on to Casino software and make your Citadel purchase from the casino's ATM.

New Citadel users: to sign up with Citadel straight away, click here now or sign up later via the Casino software. Simply log onto the Casino software, open the Casino's ATM and select the Citadel purchase option. You will be prompted to register and open a Citadel account automatically.

As a new Citadel account holder, your first-time purchase limit is $500 until your account is authorized. Your purchase limit will be increased once the brief authorization period is complete.

If there is no activity on your Citadel account within any 90 day period, your account will be treated as a new account, until your next transaction is cleared.

New Product: MyCitadel

myCitadel is an online wallet that allows you to securely store funds for use at any participating merchant site.

myCitadel offers a FREE, secure, convenient, and fast way to pay for your purchases on the Internet.

You can also use your optional myCitadelCard to pay for purchases and withdraw cash at millions of retail and ATM locations around the world.

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