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Instacash Payment System

Instacash Payment System
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Insta Cash is a fast and easy way to deposit funds in your NETeller account.

NETeller is an online money transfer service. Opening a NETeller account is like using an online wallet. You can deposit and withdraw funds from it into your casino account. First open an account at and then you can instantly fund your NETeller account from your bank account with Insta Cash.

Transferring funds with Insta Cash involves 3 easy steps (after having opened a NETeller account):

Register a Bank Account.

Required info: bank name, bank phone number, bank routing number and bank account number.

Verify Your Identity.

You will be asked to confirm 3 facts about your financial history in multiple-choice format to confirm your identity. This information is used for verification purposes only and is not retained by NETeller once your identity has been verified.

Fund Your Account.

Enter the amount to transfer and click GO! You can transfer from $20 to $500 in a single Insta Cash transfer.

Once you sign up for a NETeller Account and have registered your bank account (US citizens only), you will be eligible for Insta Cash deposits.

Insta Cash deposits work like using your bank card. You make an Insta Cash deposit request and as long as you meet all the requirements, the funds will be available in your NETeller account instantly!

Do I get any bonuses, if I deposit with Insta Cash?

After your first Insta Cash deposit, providing it is the first deposit made in the casino, you are entitled to the First Deposit Bonus, or the High Roller Bonus. You will then receive your entitled 10% bonus for each additional deposit made with Insta Cash.

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