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Live Casino Gaming concept brings the online casino experience one step closer to reality by introducing a live dealer to the playing environment. Using advanced video streaming technology, players can watch the dealer performs actions such as spinning the Roulette wheel, dealing cards and throwing dice – in real-time. What's more, players can engage the dealer in 1-on-1 live chat.

The added human element in Live Gaming enhances the product offering significantly in two ways. 

Firstly, the dealer and his moves are visible at all times, providing the extra visual satisfaction valued by high rollers, sports fans and players for whom simply ‘seeing is believing.' Secondly, the personal interaction between player and dealer helps to replicate online the human warmth and sociability of the land-based experience.

Live Gaming can be run as a stand-alone client or can be combined with the standard casino product in a single application to offer players a choice of gaming experiences. Operators can choose to run their own live studio employing their own dealers, equipment and infrastructure or can opt for those services to be supplied by a third party provider, who can offer a choice of dealer types, studio designs and technical configurations to suit all needs. All Live studio footage is recorded and can be viewed by the operator on-demand using an instant video playback tool in the backend. 

This lends enhanced credibility to the Live Gaming operation and helps to dispel fears of dealer-player collusion.

Live Gaming comes complete with the system's powerful, unified management interface, the Admin - the day-to-day tool used by the licensees to manage all aspects of their operation's maintenance, configuration and administration, featuring hundreds of interfaces and tools, offering abundant search possibilities and capable of generating thousands of real-time reports on the fly.

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