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NETELLER - Payment methods

NETeller is an online money transfer service available worldwide. Opening a NETeller account is like using an online wallet. You must open an ECash Direct account before adding funds by NETeller. NETeller is a favorable Casino Payment Systems through which both Casino accept player Account Deposits and also Withdrawls. Almost all renowned Online Gambling Casino accept payment vide NETeller Payment system.


NETELLER operates a secure online funds transfer service. One of the leading service providers in the industry, the firm has been providing secure online transactions since 1999. A NETELLER account acts as an e-wallet that enables customers (individuals who open NETELLER accounts) to load, withdraw and transfer funds. Customers can instantly transfer funds to/from any merchant website that supports NETELLER's online payments system, and to/from other NETELLER customers.

NETELLER plc is a publicly traded company on the London AIM exchange.

Security and Convenience

NETELLER customers use to transfer funds securely and conveniently, simply by entering their NETELLER Account IDs, Secure IDs, and the amounts that they wish to transfer from their NETELLER accounts. The transfers occur instantly. With NETELLER, customers need not enter their credit card or bank details at every website with which they wish to transact. Rather, they enter these details only once - at � and are then able to make quick and secure transactions at thousands of websites. Online merchants do not have access to NETELLER customers� credit card or bank details, which prevents unauthorized transactions and protects personal information.

Depositing and Withdrawing Funds using NETELLER Payment system

NETELLER provides its customers with many convenient ways to load funds to and withdraw funds from their accounts, including several instant transfer methods: credit card deposits, instaCASH bank account transfers, and transfers using the NETELLER ATM cards. NETELLER also offers many payment options that other online systems do not, including regionally-specific options for North American and European clients (e.g. Internet banking).

Registering a "NETELLER Account"

If you do not have a NETeller Account, click and do as you are given on-screen instructions.

Once you have created your account, log into NETeller and choose one of the following options to deposit funds to your NETeller account:

Electronic Funds Transfer can be used to move funds directly from your bank account into your NETeller Account. Register and verify a US bank account with NETeller in order to make this type of deposit. EFT deposits usually take 2 - 4 business days to enter your NETeller Account.

Bank Deposits can be made through any Bank of America or Citibank branch.

Credit Card deposits can be made directly from within the NETeller site. A processing fee will be deducted from the amount you request.

instaCASH is available with NETeller once an account has been created and verified bank account is provided. instaCASH has similar deposit options to NETeller.

Depositing with NETeller into ECash Direct

Once you have a NETeller account containing funds:

  1. Visit the ECash Direct screen in your online merchant and click "Deposit".
  2. Choose NETeller.
  3. Select NETeller regular deposit or NETeller instaCASH.
  4. Enter the amount you would like to transfer from your NETeller account to your ECash Direct account.
  5. Enter your NETeller Account and Secure ID (and Bank Account # if you have selected instaCASH).
  6. Click "Proceed".
  7. Review your transaction and click "Confirm".

Approved funds will immediately be credited to your ECash Direct account for use at your selected merchant.

*Note: Only one NETeller account can be used per ECash Direct account - once you have successfully deposited using a NETeller account, that same NETeller account must be used for all future deposits and withdrawals to that ECash Direct account.

Deposit Limits

Current deposit limits are displayed within the Transaction Term Summary at the right-hand side of the Deposit to ECash Direct account screen. There is a maximum to how much you can deposit and withdraw per transaction - NETeller determines the maximum per transaction limit and ECash Direct determines the maximum funds available for withdrawal. Contact us for more information. This screen contains the most current information for the merchant with whom you are using ECash Direct.

Transaction Reporting

It is important to keep a record of all of your NETeller transactions with your ECash account. To help you maintain these records you should be aware that your NETeller deposits and withdrawals are recorded and reported on your ECash Direct statement. NETeller deposit transactions are displayed on your ECash Direct statement as NTD for deposits, and NTW for withdrawals.


NETeller is available to people worldwide (except certain countries as per NETeller's restrictions). ECash Direct accepts all NETeller accounts at this time.


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