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Gaming Partners Receives $2.4 Million Casino Chip Order From Holland Casino

Gaming Partners International Corporation (Nasdaq: GPIC) (GPI), the gaming industry's leading manufacturer and supplier of casino currency and other table game supplies, today announced that is had received an order from Holland Casino valued at approximately 1,850,000euro ($2,450,000) for the Bourgogne et Grasset(R) (B&G) brand of gaming chips. The order, for over 950,000 gaming chips with denominations ranging from 2euro to 500euro, includes RFID 125KHz Hitag Vegas-S microchip embedded gaming chips, as well as non-RFID chips. The gaming chips, or casino currency, will be manufactured by the group's subsidiary, GPI SAS, in Beaune, France, with delivery expected before the end of 2006.

Holland Casino, the only legal casino operator in the Netherlands, has a long standing relationship with GPI SAS having purchased casino currency from the company for more than 30 years, and chose the company to manufacture the nearly 1 million chip order to provide its casinos with the highest level of security possible. Holland has 14 casinos located across the Netherlands.

In addition to the RFID security technology, GPI's casino currency will also feature exclusive see-through rim inserts as well as a special UV pigment in the rim and edge inserts, making the gaming chips much more difficult to compromise or counterfeit. This will provide Holland Casino with an unprecedented level of security against fraud and counterfeiting, in addition to the high quality and sophistication that only a proven and reliable gaming chip manufacturer such as GPI can offer.

Amber C. Ho-a-Sjoe, VP Product Management Holland Casino said: "With the new RFID chips Holland Casino feels very confident regarding security issues right now and in the near future. The cooperation between GPI and Holland Casino on this strategic matter was very important. With the implementation of the new chips we can say we succeeded very well."

"Holland Casino has long been one of the most forward looking gaming companies in Europe. Their purchase of GPI's traditional and RFID embedded casino currency demonstrates both Holland's dedication to providing a secure gaming environment, as well as the further penetration and adoption of this all-important security technology," said Gerard Charlier, president and chief executive officer of GPI. "We believe that within the next 10-years, RFID embedded casino currency will be the norm around the world, and that casinos will look back on the time before RFID as the dark ages of player tracking and anti-fraud efforts."

"Holland Casino and GPI have been enjoying a long-time collaboration for over three decades" declared Lionel Cazalis, Area Sales Manager for GPI SAS. "We have been working very closely with Holland Casino executives to finalize this project and we are extremely pleased to provide these RFID technology and high security features to all 14 casinos of the group."

"The gaming scene has become a very challenging environment for any casino operator as chip counterfeiting is now very sophisticated" added Christophe Leparoux, Manager International Sales & Marketing for GPI. "We at GPI are proud to be yet again chosen to protect Holland Casino currency".

About Gaming Partners International Corporation

Gaming Partners International Corporation, or GPI, manufactures and supplies gaming chips, table layouts, playing cards, dice, gaming furniture, table accessories and other products that are used with casino table games such as blackjack, poker, baccarat, craps and roulette. GPI is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, with offices in Beaune, France; San Luis, Mexico; Atlantic City, New Jersey; and Gulfport, Mississippi. GPI sells its casino products directly to licensed casinos throughout the world. For additional information about GPI, visit our website at

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