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Online Poker Strategies


This section of this website is designed to help you with your overall Poker strategy and aims to provide all players with useful information in order to improve their game.

Important Poker Skills

Managing Your Money Wisely - A good poker player knows how to be his own personal banker. He won't join a game without knowing how much money he has and needs, and during the game he will put his eye on his money and make sure his bets are reasonable investments.

Knowing Your Math - Another skill that needs to be worked on is doing good in math, for a strong poker player knows the basics of poker mathematics.

Memorizing every probability of a poker game is almost impossible. Trying to notice and learn the general odds and chances of a poker game, on the other hand, would for sure improve your winning chances. One way of doing this is looking into the "pot odds": comparing the total sum of the pot to the sum you would need to put in it in order to continue playing the hand.

Being A Psychologist - A good poker player is not only good with money and numbers but also with people. He will notice other people's body language, and will be able to control his own.

Keeping a "Poker Face" - Part of being a good psychologist is also knowing how to cover up your personal thoughts and emotions. Just as you're watching other players' faces and movements, they are watching yours.

Be Flexible in Your Style - Every person has his or her own style. This applies also to the way in which people play poker games.

Winning Poker Strategy

Before starting a new game, there are some things that you should think of and take into consideration.

Observe the Table Before Joining It - This might actually be a good tip for life in general. Before joining a poker table and playing, just sit there and observe. Notice how the individual poker players play the game: who takes chances and who's more precocious, whether a certain body movement gives away someone, etc.

Know the Exact Rules of the Game - Don't go into a game without knowing exactly how it goes and what its rules are. Not only is that unprofessional and might make other players mad at you, it's also a weakness which they might take advantage of.

Make Sure you've Got Enough in Your Pocket - Before you go join a poker table, put your hands in your pockets, count your money, and then also approach the table and ask to hear the rules of the game. Sometimes poker tables have special rules regarding antes, numbers of raises, high and low limits, etc.

A good poker player always has in his pocket a much larger sum than what is required as the limit. We would recommend having the minimum ratio of forty to one, so you would need 100$ dollars when playing a 5$ dollar limit, $10 dollars for a 50ยข cents limit, etc

How to play a good game

Don't be Afraid to Fold - One mistake that poker players do over and over again is staying in the game when their chances are low. You'll be surprised at the frequency in which top poker players fold hands. A majority of players play too many hands. Stay in a game, you will end up panicking because you have a weak hand and you will make rash decisions. Fold often, and your chances of winning will be higher.

When You Win, Win Big - If you have the highest ranking hand in a poker game, make sure the other players add much to the pot before you collect it. Wait a bit, and then raise the stakes.

Bluff - But Within Reasons - Bluffing in poker games is usually an overrated tactic. People are wrong to assume that it is a crucial element in the game. Bluffing from time to time is good and healthy in poker, and a good poker player knows exactly when to bluff and when not to use this method.

Money Management in Online Poker

Online poker can be played just for the sport of it or can be played for real money, usually American dollars. There are poker rooms which offer using other currencies . Some rooms have betting limits and others don't, which is something to think of before hand.

In all rooms a rake is taken from the pot, usually just a small percentage of the money invested (a few dollars or 3% percent of the bet).

Playing More than One Game at a Time

Remember the phrase, "you can't be in two places at the same time"? Not really true. Unlike when playing poker in a "real" room, and being confined to one poker table, Online poker offers you the option of playing more than one game at a time.

Knowing Your Opponents Online

When signing up to a Web site, a poker player needs to state his place of residence (City, State) and his screen name, which will usually be different than his real life name. (Most sites don't really monitor these details, as can be seen by funny and weird names people write under city and state: "doghouse", "mother earth", etc...) These are the only "facts" you will know about your opponents. It's important to choose them carefully, because some sites make it hard to change details once you've signed in.

Some players like to add to their screen name or "handle" (nickname) something else, that will reflect who they are: a cartoon character, a picture, an icon, a color and the likes. This portrays a certain image - which is sometimes deliberately misleading. 

If a sharp poker player calls himself "Auntie Sera", accompanied by a picture of a sweet old lady - this is not a mere joke. It's a way of getting people's shields down.


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