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Roulette Royale - Progressive jackpot

Roulette Royale - Progressive jackpot
Roulette Royale - Progressive jackpot

Roulette Royale is the internet's first ever progressive roulette game! The game plays exactly like normal single zero (European) roulette, however you make a $1 side bet on each spin.

Roulette Royale is a game of chance and consists of a Roulette wheel and table. This game of Roulette is based on the standard European style Roulette. The wheel has numbered pockets ranging from 0 to 36.

The outcome of a game of Roulette is determined by where the ball stops on the wheel. Once the bets are placed on the table, a small ball is released on to the spinning wheel, in the opposite direction to the spin. The ball stops in one of the numbered pockets of the Roulette wheel.

The objective is to predict the number the ball will land on. You place a bet on your prediction. If you receive the same number five times in succession, you win the Progressive Jackpot.

A side bet is a compulsory bet fixed at one credit that is placed by default when you enter the game. The side bet makes you eligible for additional payouts, one of which is the Progressive Jackpot. The side bet amount is added to your bet amount and displayed in the bet box.

There are two types of Roulette tables...

The American Roulette table has 38 numbers, including 0 and 00. This machine gives the house a 5.26% edge; it is the worst table for players to win on.

The French or European table has 37 numbers (it doesn�t have the 00).The single zero wheel reduces the house edge to 2.70% and offers the player better chances of winning.

European and Atlantic City Casinos also feature the "En Prison" rule which is favorable to the player. Most European Casinos use the true En Prison rule. Atlantic City 00 wheels use a variation of the En Prison rule called Surrender.

When En Prison is employed on a European Roulette table, even money bets (Black, Red, Odd, Even, 1-18, 19-36) landing on 0 become imprisoned. If this imprisoned bet wins on the next spin, the original bet is released and returned to the player. That reduces the house edge to 1.35% and represents and even better chance for players.

If you bet on even money, you only lose half of your bet on a spin of 0 or 00. (Only available on 00 Roulette wheels in Atlantic City.)

these tips are helpful:

  1. Choose the European table over the American one. Some online casinos offer both.
  2. Do not make a Five Number bet on an American table.
  3. Use the Surrender and En Prison rules by placing even money bets.
  4. Quit when you're ahead.


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